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Blue Dot has invested in the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform energy audits, thermal imaging (infrared), blower door testing, and diagnosis of Sick House Syndrome for both homes and offices. Von and Terry are committed to helping our community become better stewards of our precious natural resources, enabling us to live and work in a cleaner environment.


Our Energy Audits show you where unconditioned air is infiltrating your home and/or office with pinpoint accuracy. We’ll then explain to you how to correct it. This can reduce your energy consumption by 40% or more and save you money!

Go green with an energy audit

Nothing better than saving money

Air balance analysis allows proper diagnosis of unbalanced air flow within your duct system and provides information on how to improve your system so you have even temperature an airflow room to room in you home or office. This in turn also allows your system to operate at peak efficiency.


As we tighten up our homes and offices with newer construction techniques, we trap more VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and living organisms like mold, viruses and pollen which causes Sick House Syndrome. Blue Dot offers total air quality diagnosis and has a complete line of products that offer real relief of these problems.


Blue Dot as always offers free estimates, 12-month 0% interest, 0 Payment financing and 10-year warranties.


Call us today at 785-272-1633 to schedule an audit, or visit our schedule service page.

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Save money and protect your planet with our help.

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